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Taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Cheap taxi from Schiphol, book it online!

You have arranged your holiday, your insurance and now you are going to arrange the last, but not less important, thing. A taxi from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam. Your transport to Schiphol Airport. This is best done by us, the taxi to Schiphol. We have been in the passenger transport business for three decades and know better than anyone how important it is to have a reliable transport company that will take you and your family safely to Schiphol.

Calculate Schiphol taxi on the website

On our website you can easily calculate the rate for a Schiphol taxi, what you will spend from your home address to the airport and back. This does not include any annoying other costs, such as night rate, baggage surcharge or other surcharges. It is also very convenient that you can pay the taxi driver in the car, in cash, with a pin or with a credit card. If you want to pay in advance, you can do that at the same time as placing the order by means of Ideal payment.

Online orders can be placed at any time, day or night. They are automatically included in the planning and will always be carried out. However, if you need a taxi very quickly, it is advisable to arrange it by telephone, so that we can send a taxi immediately.

If you still want to order a taxi by phone, you can do so at any time. The taxi can be ordered by phone until 23:00 in the evening, even for the same night/morning. Also for questions we are always reachable, that gives a confidential feeling that there is still someone behind the site.

No strangers in the taxi

The taxi will be at your door at the time you ordered it and will take you to Schiphol without any detours. There will be no strangers in the taxi, this is really a private taxi for you alone or for your family. When you arrive at the airport it will stop in front of the departure hall where you need to be. So you really get in and out in front of your door. This way you will have a very relaxed and pleasant start of your holiday.

  • Goedkope Schiphol taxi | Schipholtaxi.Pro
  • Adres: Schiphol Boulevard 127B 1118 BG Schiphol
  • Telefoon: 036-200 22 65
  • Openingstijden: 24 uur per dag geopend
  • Categorie: Taxibedrijf
  • Website: Schiphol taxi Schipholtaxi.Pro 

Read this tip for a taxi to Schiphol

For the choice of transport we have a number of possibilities. If you have up to 4 persons and little luggage, a passenger car is sufficient. Do you all have your own suitcase then a van is more convenient.

For more persons we have the 6 and 8 persons taxibus and even an extended 8 persons taxibus. This is especially useful if you have a lot of luggage and even rollators, foldable wheelchairs, prams, etc.

Also for the active holidaymakers who want to take their bicycle, skis, snowboard, surfboard and golf bags with them, we have the right taxis. Please let us know when you order, so we can use the right taxi van.

Dogs and cats are also allowed in the taxi. Please ensure that they are in a crate and let us know when you order, so that the driver is aware of this.

Save money on your taxi transport to the airport and order online.