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Is Bing Ads a waste of time and money?

Bing Ads are often thought of as just a nice-to-have, but is that the case? Search engine marketing is very important in this era of digital marketing, and even though Google has the most share, there are still benefits to Bing Ads. As it turns out, most marketers are using Bing Ads for its convenience to their Google Ads setup. They don’t know if it’s really helping or not, but it can’t hurt to explore more.  Bing Ads are considered a nice-to-have by many marketers, but is it really helping their marketing mix? Microsoft’s Bing Ads has the same setup as Google Ads, which makes it simple to implement. Is it really helping or is the convenience driving usage? The best way to find out is to conduct an experiment – track two groups of advertising strategies and see which performs better. So what is the Bing attribution model?

Bing ads are an important addition to your Google search ads, and not just a nice-to-have of sorts. Bing Ads is a self-service PPC search advertising platform that was specially designed for the Bing search engine. Although the share of total online searches of Bing is insignificant in comparison to Google’s market dominance, most marketers still choose to add Bing ads to their marketing mix. Why? Mostly because it’s easy to implement these Google Ads setup straight into the Bing platform. 

Welcome to marketing attribution — one of the most asked, if not the most asked questions in modern digital marketing. What is marketing attribution exactly? It’s simply something that you do on a daily basis when you attribute a certain amount of revenue to a channel, source, campaign, or keyword.

Let’s break it down. Marketing attribution is the process of assigning credit to the different marketing channels. Sounds easy right? Wrong! It can be quite difficult to prove which channels are most effective in generating sales. Attribution is especially important for Google Analytics reports to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.