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Instagram Stories from Brands and Bloggers: What to Bring

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According to the latest statistics from Statista, 500 million users share Instagram Stories every day. The core of the public has also changed significantly in recent years. If it was previously assumed that there are more young girls, the statistics now show an almost equal distribution by gender and only 25% are users under the age of 24.

In this post, I’ll share how brands and influencers are using different approaches in Instagram Stories. Each option has an example and clear instructions on how to implement this in your account.

# 1. Reveal details and add content from posts like NASA

First @nasa made a post about meteor showers. Then, in Stories, they shared several interesting facts, the equipment they used to take the photo, etc.

Turn stories into reality shows with events and challenges like LOFT

The women’s clothing brand @loft regularly hosts an interesting event: they offer to pick up something from their offline store that a friend wouldn’t even think about buying. It all comes down to customers recommending the store themselves, showing it natively, tagging friends, and having fun.

Number 3. Create micro content in stories like TechCrunch

Media like @techcrunch has a lot of content. Instead of thousands of announcements and reposts, they just spread most of the “juice” – important headline news, theses. Often it is just a background + text + publication logo

Number 4. Customize content like Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur and popular business blogger Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) uses Instagram Stories to promote your videos, engage your audience, and answer questions from comments. So, for example, he was asked to create more wallpapers for his desktop with motivational quotes, and he created them directly in Stories.

Number 5. Share your clients’ content like Minaal

Professional travel products brand @minaalofficial regularly shares stories with photos of their customers. It’s sometimes difficult to post with a customer photo – it doesn’t match quality, colors, but Stories makes it easy.

Number 6. Combine content and conduct surveys like SOVA

Ukrainian jewelry brand SOVA combines photo, video, animation and polls into stories to engage audiences and boost sales. Content is often created in collaboration with influencers and the focus is on products. Such activity gives the brand up to 2000 thousand visits to the site per week.

Ukrainian furniture manufacturer @drommel_furniture uses Instagram Stories to provide video tours of the showroom, present products and test demand for new products. Often visualizations of furniture appear in Stories asking whether subscribers want to buy such a product or not.

On its main account, @nike shares the stories of athletes who have chosen Nike products. These are not just reviews or photos in the style of “I wear this brand’s clothes”, but life stories, quotes, motivational phrases from athletes. Storytelling is always relevant and effective.

Well-known cosmetics manufacturer @sephora often conducts simple but colorful polls in Stories. They consist of 3 separate stories: a call to choose an option, the vote itself, and thank you for taking the survey. This approach involves the user both (interactively) and acquainted him with the brand’s range.

Inspired? Have you adopted the techniques? Now is the time to take action and apply these chips in your account. To get even more business value on Instagram …

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