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Astrology and love: what does your horoscope predict?

Astrology has been as popular as it is controversial for centuries. Some people swear by it, others revile it. You will find out how you feel about it yourself by diving into this mysterious matter.

To start with: a few salient details in a row. There are astrologers who predicted their own death. Don’t worry, the average astrologer won’t calculate that for you unsolicited, but it is possible. The fact that politicians have long used astrology (secretly) to push through plans or make decisions at the right time is also fascinating.

Astrology is an extensive study. There is an incredible amount to deduce from it. About characters, soul missions, family ties, but also about events on a world level. Everyone knows his zodiac sign (sign in which the sun stands at the time of birth), but that is only a tiny part of an immense set of calculations, constellations, houses, conjunctions and other astrological jargon. Do you really want to get a good idea of ​​your character, mission, love relationships and karma? Consult an astrologer and have your horoscope interpreted.

Make a start yourself and discover which aspects in your horoscope give you insight into love. Because that is of course mainly what we want to know when we wander around on astrology platforms: who am I compatible with? With whom can I develop optimally? There are many aspects in your horoscope that provide insight into this.

Four elements: water and fire

In a horoscope not only your zodiac sign has a place, but all signs. Astrological houses and associated planets and signs also play a role. Each sign has an element: fire, earth, air or water. The house in which the sign stands strengthens or weakens this element. Only your zodiac sign says nothing about the predominant element in your horoscope. For this, visualize your entire horoscope.

In short, the element of fire stands for passion and assertiveness, earth for structure and manifestation, air for ideas and creativity, water for emotion and care. Fire belongs to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; earth with Capricorn, Leo, Virgo; air with Gemini, Aquarius, Libra and water with Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Does your horoscope mainly consist of the element fire? Then that combines well with someone who is also because you have similar motives.

Zodiac sign: buddies or opposites?

Your zodiac sign represents your identity, the way you express your feelings and are comfortable. If you look at your and your partner’s zodiac sign, you may share the same element (eg water in the case of Scorpio and Cancer). This ensures that you understand each other well and go through life as mates. What also often occurs in the case of the combination of sun signs is the cliché of opposites attract, which creates a thrilling tension. Libra (air) and Aries (fire) or, for example, Virgo (earth) and Sagittarius (fire). Whether and how this works depends on the rest of the horoscope.

Moon sign: dreams of the future

The moon sign is important when it comes to lasting relationships. This sign represents emotion, your heart and the feeling of coming home. If yours is in Cancer (safety, nurturing, deep emotions) and your partner’s in Leo (wanderlust, extroversion, adventure), it poses a challenge in your relationship. It can cause you to disagree on future plans and ideas and that creates a troubled atmosphere. Less of a problem in relationships that start at a young age, but a challenge when it comes to life themes such as family expansion or living abroad.

Ascendant: love at first sight

Your ascendant tells how you come across to others: the face you show to the outside world. With love at first sight, it is the ascendant who is decisive. You are usually attracted to the opposite of what you show yourself. If your ascendant is Pisces and you are shy and reserved at first sight, then you can be immensely irritated by someone with ascendant Leo who takes bombastic and extroverted space. And at the same time you feel a huge attraction to this person. This can be a good start, depending on the rest of the horoscope.

Moon nodes: soul mates

Finally, the lunar nodes are interesting when it comes to love. These are points where the moon passes the sun on the north and south sides, which say something about your karma and calling. The north node represents your mission in this lifetime, the southern represents past life experiences and karma that are important to your present life. Moon nodes form a fixed combination with the opposite sign. At the north node in Virgo, the southern node is in Pisces and vice versa. If this is the same with your partner or vice versa, you have hooked up with a life partner. It is therefore very interesting for astrologers to look at the (overlap of) lunar nodes when it comes to love and relationships.

Want to know all about your love life?

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